Remembering Cory Monteith 10 Years After His Untimely Death

A Blast From Interviews Past: Cory Monteith

It is a tragedy that still shocks fans today. 

Ten years ago, on July 13, 2013, Glee's breakout star Cory Monteith was found unresponsive at the Fairmont Pacific Hotel in Vancouver. His cause of death was later revealed to be from mixed drug toxicity, with heroin and alcohol found in his system. He was 31 years old.

Just one month after his untimely passing, the Fox hit filmed a tribute episode title "The Quarterback," which ultimately aired in October of that year. 

"It's an episode I was able to watch once," creator Ryan Murphy said, noting that after Monteith's death a sense of joy had vanished from Glee's set. "And I never looked at it again."

Lea Michele—Monteith's girlfriend at the time of his death—understands that pain. In fact, she's never seen the episode. "I think if I don't watch it," she previously shared, "it just kind of feels like Finn is still there."

photosCory Monteith: Finn Hudson's Best Glee Lines

And in her heart, he lives on. Back in 2016, she made his legacy permanent with a number five tattoo, which represents his character Finn's football jersey.

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"There is an empowerment that comes with grief—at some point you find it," the actress previously shared. "It's very hard but you will find it, and I think at a certain point you can choose to sort of fall from this or you can choose to rise. And that's what I'm just trying to do my best for him, because I know that that's what he would have [wanted]."

Keep honoring Monteith's legacy by looking back on his life in pictures below… 

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